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Double Knit

Double Knitting wool is exceptionally easy to knit with and is versatile for use across multiple different projects, making it a very popular choice among knitters worldwide. This light-weight yarn, also known as DK wool, is soft to the touch and can suit almost any project.

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Baby wool, is a yarn blend designed especially to suit knitting and crochet projects for babies. Baby wool is actually made from manmade fibres, rather than sheep’s wool, so it’s more gentle on the skin and less likely to irritate. The best thing about knitting and crocheting with a baby yarn? It’s so soft!

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Aran Wool is the midway between DK and Chunky, providing a fast growing, medium weight alternative. Perfect for knitting thicker jumpers or cardigans without being too bulky and for warm Autumn & Winter accessories such as oversized scarves and snuggly hats, mitts & cowls

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 Ideal for knitting attractive and warm sweaters, hats, and cardigans, as well as homeware accessories, Chunky wool helps you finish projects quickly, making the whole creative process incredibly satisfying.

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Super Chunky

Perfect for super-size snuggly designs, from chunky wool blankets to cosy hand knit scarves.

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Fancy Yarns

Something a little different, unusual or quirky, our fancy yarns category has something for you!

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